Undergraduate Student Poster Award

Undergraduate Student Poster Awards

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About the Award

The Undergraduate Student Poster Award recognizes poster presentations characterized by excellence in research, clarity in presentation, and personal knowledge demonstrated in a discussion with judges at the SPSP Annual Convention.

Two award winners will receive a $100 honorarium. In addition, the two award winners will also have their posters prominently displayed at the SPSP Annual Convention, showcasing their research to the SPSP community, be announced on SPSP social media accounts during the convention, and have their headshot and basic bio displayed on one of the TV monitors on a rotating basis throughout the convention. Two runners-up will receive a $50 honorarium.

Selection Process

In the first round of judging, posters will be peer reviewed for effective layout and visual presentation. The top 50% of submissions will advance to the second round, where peer reviewers will judge applicants’ award submission statements and posters. From this round, 10 submissions will be selected as finalists and be invited to present their posters during the first poster session of the SPSP Annual Convention. During this final round, finalists will be interviewed by several secret judges (typically faculty members). On the basis of the judges' scores, 2 winners and 2 runners-up will be selected.

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