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Better Together: SPSP Matching Grant   We are better together.  I am sure of it. A good illustration is how SPSP—with its strong efforts in education and training, publication, and advocacy—has bettered the professional lives of its members and how, in turn, its members have always worked to better the organization.
NON-ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP LISTINGS Apply your skills and learn new ones!
By Sofia Kousi One of the most difficult things about completing a Ph.D. program is that it is a slow and seemingly never-ending project that is not contained within a 9-5 job schedule. You are never done, until you present your dissertation after many years of hard work. In between, there are very few milestones that offer the satisfaction of having completed something.
Members share the resources they found most helpful during job searches, including advisors, mentors, graduate students, job boards, career sites, books, and more. Check out their advice below.   People
SPSP members share their advice on the best time to begin the job search process.
SPSP asked members to answer, “What one piece of advice would you give to a first-year Ph.D. student studying personality or social psychology?” Many of the responses we received had to do with the topics of appreciating learning and the process, academic success, relating to your advisor, and preparing for your career. You can read a variety of member responses, below. Appreciating Learning and the Process  |  Academic Success  |  Relating to Your Advisor  |  Preparing for Your Career